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Compound Bow

Racine Compound Bow Shop Selling the Most Popular Brands in America

As Wisconsin's best archery shop, in Racine sells and services compound bows for hunting and target shooting. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to work with novice and professional hunters alike. We know what features to look for and will help you find the best bow for your needs and budget. Whether in-store or online, you’ll find an impressive collection of compound bows and archery accessories

Newbies and master marksmen alike trust the archery experts at Root River Archery. Need to find a new bow for your next hunt? No problem. Need someone to help your daughter pick out her first bow? We've got you covered. Need your bow re-strung or a new three-pin sight installed? We're the shop for you. Whoever you are and whatever you hunt, Root River Archery will help you find the perfect compound bow. Check out our list of the Top 10 Compound Bows of 2021 to see the best from our favorite brands.

The Root River Archery Advantage

In addition to a staggering selection of compound bows, we offer a number of compound bow services. Visit our archery range to sight in a new bow or improve your aim. Get ready for your next hunt or just have some fun with our virtual archery simulator. Visit our compound bow pro shop for:

  • Bow restringing
  • Accessory installation
  • Bow cleaning and greasing

Archery Setups for Beginners

Beginners benefit from our wide range of compound bows with adjustable draw weights and lengths so you can continue to challenge yourself even as you and your archery skills grow. We can also help you determine your optimal draw length and axle-to-axle distance so you can get a compound bow perfectly suited to the style of shooting or hunting you prefer. Root River Archery makes archery approachable for newbies and enthusiasts. Come visit us in Racine, or check out our bow buying guide and we’ll get you outfitted with a compound bow that feels perfect in your hands,

Root River Archery is a complete resource for everything archery. We carry a full range of compound bow accessories and supplies. Be safe and have fun using your compound bow or crossbow at Root River Archery in Racine.

For any questions concerning our archery products, contact the Racine compound bow specialists at Root River Archery today.

Wisconsin's Best Compound Bow Dealers

Some archery shops only carry compound bows from a handful of brands. Archers at Root River Archery are spoiled for choice. We carry compound bows from leading brands like Bowtech, Mathews, Prime and more. While some of our products are only available at our pro shop, we have a number of compound bows for sale online. Shop online or visit our Racine archery shop to find:

The Next Step in the Evolution of Archery

Root River Archery helps you hone your skills or break in your new equipment the same day you buy it. Use our indoor archery range to prepare for competition, get comfortable with your bow, or fine-tune adjustments before hitting the hunting trail.

Plus, when you purchase a compound bow from, you receive:

  • 5 hours of FREE range time at our 25-yard indoor archery range
  • 5 half-hour sessions at our virtual archery hunting simulator
  • One free clean/grease workup on your compound bow after your first hunt
  • FREE installation of accessories purchased from us with the bow and FREE installation of accessories that you want switched over from your old bow
  • There will be an installation charge on accessories purchased elsewhere 
For more information on getting outfitted by our team, contact us today!
Compound bows for sale in Wisconsin