Racine, WI

Test Shooting & Fittings

Get Outfitted with the Perfect Bow

Root River Archery takes pride in providing our archers with the best selection of compound bowstraditional bows and crossbows. To ensure you walk out with the best setup for your needs, we provide the ability to test shoot any bow we have in the store!

Our experienced team will also make sure your next bow is the perfect fit. You can get a rough estimate of your draw length and draw weight here, but we'll get a more precise measurement here in the shop.

Fill out the contact form and schedule a time to come to the shop for a fitting or to test shoot our bows! 

The Store

We offer a comprehensive archery experience superior to any other archery shop in Wisconsin. Root River Archery has the largest selection of compound bows, target bows, and crossbows this side of the state line.

MON 11-5
SAT 10-3



The Range

We have a great park-like setting for our 60-Yard Outdoor Range that is 100 Feet Wide with Picnic Tables, Practical Bow Hangers and Firing Line Markings.  The range is available to Compound/Recurve archers and is typically set up with both 4'x4' target bales at 10 Yard increments, as well as a variety of Rinehart 3D Targets available throughout the summer and fall.  For those Crossbow archers, there is a target bale designed for most available crossbows.

Our Indoor Ranges are two-fold: First is a standard 20-Yard Range that has TV Monitors at the 20 Yard Line for those that want to see every shot count down range.  The 20-Yard Range also has a crossbow target rated for 650FPS.  The 2nd Indoor Range is a 10-Yard Range that is set up for lessons, Paper-Tuning, Chronographing your arrow speed, as well as testing out a new bow.