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Archery Leagues, Competitions & Events

Test your skills or learn a new one!

Root River Archery hosts shooting competitions and leagues giving you the best outlet to prove your shooting skills. A variety of people gather for different events in our indoor or outdoor ranges. The events range from expert archery shooting to youth competitions.

These are great opportunities to try new styles of shooting, meet other enthusiasts and sharpen your skills.

2024 Root River Archery Events

2024 Root River Leagues

WINTER VEGAS LEAGUE Starts February 13th and ends April 5th, 2024

The range will be blocked off for league on Tuesday and Friday nights at 6pm. We encourage everyone to shoot on Tuesday or Friday nights but we understand that is not always possible. However, on the night of April 5th, the last night, we will be holding a shootdown. Shootdown details will be provided in the weeks prior to April 5th. Check out last year's shootdowns in Las Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/live/Fz14TA4N-kA?feature=share
- $60 entry fee
- 1st Place awards for League High Average and Shootdown winner
- 2 randomly drawn prizes for Shootdown participants
- Archers choice on single spot or three spot target face
- Scoring rings will start at 10, and "X" will count as such to break ties
- Ends will consist of three arrows, allowing 2 minutes per end
- 10 total ends, 30 total arrows 
- Make up shooting can be done all day, range availability dependent, on Wednesdays or Thursdays with a witness
- Scorecards must be turned in by Friday night each week
- No divisions, no handicaps during the season, handicap will apply during shootdown
- Thursday nights the range is closed for youth archery
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SPRING OUTDOOR SPOT LEAGUE Starts April 22nd and ends June 14th, 2024

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The Store

We offer a comprehensive archery experience superior to any other archery shop in Wisconsin. Root River Archery has the largest selection of compound bows, target bows, and crossbows this side of the state line.

MON 11-5
SAT 10-3



The Range

We have a great park-like setting for our 60-Yard Outdoor Range that is 100 Feet Wide with Picnic Tables, Practical Bow Hangers and Firing Line Markings.  The range is available to Compound/Recurve archers and is typically set up with both 4'x4' target bales at 10 Yard increments, as well as a variety of Rinehart 3D Targets available throughout the summer and fall.  For those Crossbow archers, there is a target bale designed for most available crossbows.

Our Indoor Ranges are two-fold: First is a standard 20-Yard Range that has TV Monitors at the 20 Yard Line for those that want to see every shot count down range.  The 20-Yard Range also has a crossbow target rated for 650FPS.  The 2nd Indoor Range is a 10-Yard Range that is set up for lessons, Paper-Tuning, Chronographing your arrow speed, as well as testing out a new bow.