Racine, WI

Outdoor Range

Outdoor Archery Range in Racine, WI

Our outdoor range goes out to 60 yards and has a multitude of large square bales and 3D targets as well. There is a crossbow-specific bale that is rated for the higher arrow speeds crossbows produce.

Along with lessons and competitive shoots, we also use our outdoor range for a multitude of maintenance and optimization services for our customer's bow setups. 

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Bow Assembly & Installations

Whether you bought your bow from us or not, you will benefit from our experienced staff and their knowledge of archery fundamentals. This expertise includes bow assembly, sight installation, rest installation, paper tuning, matching the perfect arrow to the bow package, and of course, broadhead tuning.

Arrow Building

We stock arrows from Easton, Gold Tip, Black Eagle, Victory and Carbon Express. We have arrows ready to go out to the door the same day, and we can custom build your arrows to any specification you would like, including services like weight sorting and spine alignment. Whether for hunting or competitive shooting, we have the experience to pair you with the arrows that best match your setup and goals in the field or on the range.

Archery Lessons & Coaching

No matter your skill level or age, there’s always to improve with Root River’s archery classes. Come in for a private lesson, or sign up for our Home School Archery camp. Our expert archery trainers teach archery lessons for kids, beginners, and can even teach a seasoned vet a thing or two about their release.

Shop our Store

Paired with top instructors and technicians, our inventory might be even better. Root River Archery is your one-stop shop for everything archery. Check out our full selection of gear in-store or online!

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The Store

We offer a comprehensive archery experience superior to any other archery shop in Wisconsin. Root River Archery has the largest selection of compound bows, target bows, and crossbows this side of the state line.

MON 11-5
SAT 10-3



Indoor Range

We have two indoor ranges;

A 20 yard range that can accommodate 5-8 archers depending on the discipline (hunter vs target archer) and it includes cameras downrange that project your every shot onto a tv monitor just overhead at the 20-Yard line, and

A 10 yard range that can accommodate 5-6 archers-in-training comfortably.  We use this shorter distance range environment for assisting new archers with their bow deliveries, customers can paper-tune their bows here, and new and old archers alike can take lessons on this range from our many USA Archery certified instructors.  We also teach the Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) program here on this range.

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