Racine, WI


Part Number: PPACK-XL SKU: _2d458390-5b02-4f58-b6ab-94cbc628912d
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Built to keep your Predator XL platform handy during your trek while you search for that perfect tree, and has been upgraded with SIGNIFICANT functionality.

Use it as the PERFECT compression panel for expanding the capabilities of any MOLLE compatible pack. Simply attach the Predator Pack to your backpack of choice and with our Compression Kit (coming soon) you can easily and quickly store bulky items outside your main pack for easy access.

We constructed the Predator XL Pack with front and rear laser-cut MOLLE panels. This saves weight, bulk, and streamlines the entire system. You can quickly attach MOLLE compatible items to expand the pack’s carrying capacity too! It’s AWESOME!

We also engineered multiple tab loops on all sides of the pack so you can use this pack 100 different ways. The tab loops work great for compressing loads or attaching oddly shaped items.

The pack comes with our standard pack straps that are 100% removable. These straps are great for quick trips and light loads. If you plan to use the Predator XL pack as a standalone carrying system, we recommend the upgraded pack straps. They’re a bit more comfortable and can handle a heavier load.