Racine, WI




This is the Youth Summer 3D League Fee. Only pay this league fee for those 17 or younger.


Summer 3D League

Shooting will be on-line at various 3D targets that will be placed at distances ranging from approximately 10 to 60 yards for adults and 5 to 30 yards for youth/traditional. Shooters will start at a shooting station at one end of the firing line and shoot the corresponding targets from each shooting station. Once the “end” of arrows is complete for each archer at their station, arrows will be scored and collected and the shooters will move to the next shooting station.


Shooting Classes

Adult/young adult(15 and up) Compound

Adult/young adult Trad

Youth/Cubs(14 and under) Compound

Youth/Cubs Trad/Genesis

Range finders are allowed

IBO Scoring 11/10/8/5

28 arrows per week, 2 per target. Range is available to shoot all day during business hours.

Starts May 14th; participants are encouraged to shoot on designated days but are welcome to shoot on any day with a partner during business hours.

Goes for 11 total weeks, no shooting the week of July 4. League shootdown will be held Friday August 2nd for all shooters. 

Shooters will have priority on the range on their designated days. All other days will be first come first served. 

Reserved Shooting days

Adults - Fridays

Youth - Tuesdays


Adult - $120

Youth(17 and under) - $40

Scoring: IBO Target scoring with center ring counting as “X”

  1. An “11” ring consisting of a circle centered within the 10 ring. The circle size should be approximately twenty five percent (25%) of the size of the 10 ring. 
  1. A 10 ring consisting of a circle inside the vital area. 
  1. A vital area (8 ring) that roughly approximates the heart, lung, and liver area of the appropriate animal. 
  1. The remainder of the animal shall be considered a “body” 
  1. An arrow embedded in the horn of an animal, not touching body color, is considered amiss and is scored as a zero. Targets with legs or hooves of a different color than the main body will still be considered as body color for scoring. 
  1. Some targets have material surrounding the actual outline of a target animal. This additional material will NOT be counted for score. 
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